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Foil and E-Foil Rentals

Foil Rental Package Foil, Board AND Wing
Full Day Until 4:30
Foil, Board OR Wing rental Just one of the above
Full Day Until 4:30
Half Day 4 Hours

Rent A Surf Foil in Kailua Bay

At our watersports shop in Kailua, we offer foil bundles so you can test out the whole set up! Or if you have some missing gear, we have an option for you to rent out our foil gear individually.

We have boards, foils, and wings to choose from. Call us for more information or book online. Get ready to zip around the bay elevated above the water without the need of a sail, paddle, or even waves!

Here’s why foil surfing in Kailua is an experience you won’t want to miss:

With our foil and efoil rentals, you can experience a new way of riding the waves of Oahu’s beautiful beaches.

Foiling is nothing like you’ve ever experienced before – it is truly a unique form of surfing that only requires one board, a simple mast and wing, and nature’s wind and ocean swells. Your board will lift up off the water as soon as you get going providing an unparalleled feeling as you glide across the waves! Foil surfing offers unlimited length rides with maximum speed while using almost no energy – allowing you to stay out on your board longer than ever imagined.

Efoils take foiling even further make it possible for riders of any skill level to fly above the surface of the water in complete silence, untouched by crowds or harsh elements- just the sound of nature’s blue horizon flowing beneath you! Through our efoil rentals, we make taking on these expansive waters easier than ever before. With stable boards and lightweight wings designed specifically for infinity flight in mind- all users need to do is show up and we’ll handle the rest!

No matter what type of riding experience suits your style best- Sun & Salt Adventures has something for everyone. So come join us today for a unique trip through Oahu’s waves that’ll have you coming back time and time again!