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Hawaii Clear Bottom Kayak Tour (Night)

Clear Bottom Kayak Night Tour
For ages 12+

Experience Kailua Bay on a Clear Bottom Kayak Night Tour

Once the sun goes down, the ocean nightlife comes alive. The best way to experience this up close and personal is with a Hawaii clear bottom kayak tour. Enjoy the beautiful night air and depending on the time of month, we can see the moon rising. On this tour, our kayak’s lights attract curious sea life. In this 2.5 hour tour you may see our Honu (Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles) feed along the reef and coral that provides refuge for some local fish. If lucky, guests might even spot the gentle hammerhead shark or moray eel. Our naturalist guide will provide insight on the various sea life and how they play a major part in sustaining our island ecosystem.

Included: Kayak, light kit and life jacket.